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When it comes to storage in Lexington, SC, there are basically two types of facilities:

  1. Those that are overpriced with a focus on bottom line
  2. Those that are more focused on meeting the needs of their clients

At Fast Casual Storage, we aim to exceed the expectations of every clients by providing convenient self storage at an affordable cost. Rest easy knowing that your goals are ours, as well, when you choose us for short or long-term storage for your personal possessions.

5 Reasons to Consider Self Storage in Lexington, SC

1. If you've been making excuses about getting organized or procrastinating finally getting all of the clutter in your home out of closets and into a safe storage space, there's no better time than now to make your move. Fast Casual Storage can take care of your belongings and keep them safe and secure for as long as you need to rent one of our units.

2. Imagine what you could do with all of the reclaimed spaces in your home, attic, or garage once you've gotten all of the boxes and items moved into a storage space. If you've designated spare bedrooms to additional storage rooms, you can start planning for guests and decorating your extra rooms to accommodate family and friends when they come for vacation.

3. You may be surprised to learn just how affordable a self storage unit is when you choose Fast Casual Storage. Mini units start at just $55 monthly and have space enough inside for a dozen boxes and additional items. Larger units are just as affordable per sq ft of space- you'll find pricing for available units on our website.

4. Unsecured boxes stored in a garage are subject to vermin, moisture, and other hazards that aren't a problem when you rent a storage unit. If you've recently opened one or more boxes in home storage and found that mice, roaches, or other pests have made their home in your belongings, it's time to consider a clean, climate-controlled facility near you.

5. By going through stored boxes and getting ready to move them into a self storage in Lexington, SC, you may discover that many of the items you've been holding onto are no longer needed or wanted. An effective method of downsizing stored items is to go through boxes item by item, tossing any items you've not used in over 5 years, and storing items that haven't been used in more than a year. Antiques and family heirlooms are the only exceptions to the 5 year/1 year rule.

You don't have to look very far to find secure storage in Lexington, SC; stop by Fast Casual Storage or contact us by phone to discuss your storage needs with our staff. We'll help with unit sizing and make the process of registering for a unit one that is both easy and affordable. We know you have many questions before renting a unit in our facility; feel free to contact us at 864-715-5160 or send us an email message.

Storage Lexington SC
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Storage Lexington SC
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Storage Lexington SC